Archive Videos

The Canopy: Community Forestry and Arboriculture:
This webinar series covers a range of topics in community forestry and arboriculture, including: tree selection, managing veteran trees, diagnosis, green infrastructure, landscape design, tree roots and soils, municipal ordinance design, pruning, termite control, and others. View archived videos here.

Lunch and Learn:
Dr. Wayne Porter, Area Extension Agent in Lauderdale County, presents a ‘Lunch and Learn’ program every third Thursday of the month as part of his Home Gardening Workshop Series. Dr. Porter covers a wide variety of topics in Horticulture including trimming Crapemyrtles, growing roses, gardening for birds and butterflies, and the basics of growing perennials and vegetables. View archived videos here.

Wildlife Seminar Series:
The Wildlife Seminar Series is a great resource to learn about wildlife management. Topics range from deer management strategies, conducting camera surveys, and buck harvest strategies. Bill Hamrick, Extension Associate III with Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture, conducts this series. View archived videos here.

Extension specialists and experts provide timely facts and knowledge on kitchen gardens, square foot gardening for home production, and other ways to enhance the garden. View archived videos here.

Floral Design:
Lynette McDougald, Instructor of Plant and Soil Sciences and Manager of The University Florist, provides programs on floral design the first Thursday of each month. Her programs focus on floral arrangements with the latest design trends, using floral items from suppliers as well as local gardens, seasonal designs, care of floral materials and proper use of tools of the trade. Each program is highlighted with a Make Along component where participants can create their own design along with Lynette during the program. View archived videos here.

Health & Life Style:
Area fitness and wellness experts share information on living healthy through exercise programs, nutrition information, and incorporating herbal remedies into daily lifestyles. View archived videos here.

Home Agriculture and Insect Management:
Extension specialists provide programs related to various topics surrounding home agriculture including raising livestock and the control of pests in lawn, garden, and landscape. View archived videos here.

Home Landscape:
Area Extension Specialists, Horticulture Specialists, and Plant and Soil Science Researchers provide programs on landscape design options, proper pruning techniques, and pesticide application. View archived videos here.

Technology Education:
Extension specialists and experts provide programs on a variety of technology topics such as iPad basics, using social media, and trainings on a variety of computer programs. View archived videos here.

Clothing and Home Management:
Area specialists and experts share tips and information on clothing care, budgets, and home management topics. View archived videos here.

Special Interests:
Programs include various hobbies, area interests and other topics. View archived videos here.