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Extension Inbox

The Extension Inbox is a collection of bi-weekly news articles on technology issues faced by Mississippians .  The articles cover a wide range of topics and are usually written in response to a question or need that arises during computer training classes held throughout the State. The Extension Inbox can be viewed here.

News Articles

Small Business Webinar 08/14/2014
Rural Economies Found to Benefit From Broadband 08/07/2014
The City of Houston, Mississippi, Launches New Mobile-Friendly Website 07/09/2014
City of Columbus now has a website thanks to the work of the MSU Extension Service and MS Interactive. Check it out 02/26/2014
Magnolia State ranks last in Internet accessibility, census shows 02/03/2014
Couples use apps to plan weddings 01/10/2014
Broadband's Economic Impact 08/21/2013
MSU Robotics Academy teaches programming, STEM skills 08/15/2013
Robotics Training At MSU 08/14/2013
Robotics academy trains state’s robotics instructors 08/14/2013
Digital Gap Widens for Rural Elderly, Poor 08/07/2013
Broadband Availability: Geography Matters 08/07/2013
Social Media Information Blast 07/19/2013
Technology can help make small business more efficient, effective 07/09/2013
Girls State helping cities get on Facebook 06/28/2013


Extension Tech Academy

Fall 2016

What is it?
The tech academy is a professional development program geared to improve the technology skills of extension staff.

What does it consist of?
The tech academy will consist of five monthly 4-hour sessions at the Bost 409 classroom. Participants that attend all sessions and successfully present examples of where they have used the skills learned will receive a recognition.

Session Dates & Detailed Program
All sessions will be at Bost 409 from 10am to 3pm. Lunch is included.

Session 1: Wednesday August 10th
Microsoft Office (4 hours)

  • Excel
    • Data management
      • Filters
      • Subtotals
      • Pivot Tables
    • Advanced Formulas
      • COUNTIF
      • SUMIF

Session 2: Wednesday September 7th
Microsoft Office (4 hours)

  • PowerPoint
    • Animation
    • Inserting YouTube videos
    • Image editing (apply different effects; use images as backgrounds)
  • Word
    • Formatting Tables
    • Image editing (including putting images and text side by side)
    • Tabs

Session 3: Wednesday October 12th
Cloud Applications (4 hours)

  • Cloud Fundamentals
  • MailChimp
    • Manage lists
    • Design email campaigns
  • Dropbox
    • Dropbox interface & basics
  • OneDrive
    • Storing documents on OneDrive
    • Creating, sharing, and collaborating using OneDrive

Session 4: Wednesday November 16th
Image Editing (2 hours)

  • Quick edits
    • Lighting
    • Color
    • Sharpness
  • Formatting
    • Cropping
    • Rotating or Straightening
    • Resizing
    • Retouching with healing brushes and stamp tools
    • Removing Red-Eye

Internet Safety & Security (2 hours)

  • Key terms
    • Malware/Spyware
    • Phishing
    • Virus/Worms
    • Clickjacking/Pharming
    • Spam
  • Safe browsing (website security status)
  • Passwords
  • How to stay safe online
  • Cyber-bullying

Session 5: Wednesday December 7th
iPad Basics & Apps (1 hour)

  • General settings
    • Auto/Passcode-Lock
    • Restrictions
    • Mail, Contacts, Calendar
    • FaceTime
  • Multitasking Gestures
  • Common Interface elements
  • Popular apps

Distance Education Tools (1 hour)

  • Scopia Interface
  • Skype Interface
  • Adobe Webinars

Graduation Ceremony (1 hour)