Organizational Layout

Formerly known as the Computer Applications and Services Department formed in the early 1980’s the Extension Center for Technology Outreach enhances the Mississippi State University Extension Service’s outreach to local communities and clientele in the state through non-formal adult education in applied technology services.

Center staff are grouped in the following informal working teams:

Technology Education & Training Team
This team will bring the technology resources and knowledge of MSU to the people of Mississippi by providing information, training and curriculum support both internally to the Extension Service and externally to Extension clientele.  Programs delivered will include clientele computer training, robotics, computer contests, and expanded technology outreach to agriculture, business, industry, local and state government, families, and youth. The team will also be responsible for internal help-desk and training functions. For a list of ongoing outreach efforts and a list of trainings available refer to the Education & Training section.

Distance Education Team
This team’s focus is to provide better access to research based information for Extension clients using distance learning. The Extension Service’s commitment to interactive learning already places the Extension Service as the leader in the state and at the forefront of Extension Services throughout the nation.  This team is responsible for interactive video conferencing capabilities and support to over 140 sites around the state and other Extension partners including Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association, Mississippi Farm Bureau, and the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce. The team is also responsible for supporting the use and availability of satellite downlink receiver units for internet communication, video conferencing, and emergency response use in the field.  

Extension Web Team
This team’s focus is to develop and maintain a new and exciting web presence for the Mississippi State University Extension Service. This team manages the extension service’s website: as well as the center’s website incorporating new technologies such as content management systems and web-based applications and will work closely with the Applications Development team to streamline web-based, server-based, and clientele-based software applications.

Hardware and Networking Team
This team is responsible for purchasing and installing computer related equipment and software for the Extension service, maintaining all computer systems with related hardware and software including appropriate licenses and contracts, and maintaining all networks including the wide area data network. A continuing major responsibility of this team will be to explore new technologies that are coming onto the horizon. Likewise, this team provides advice and limited technology support to county governments.

Applications Development Team
This team is part of some of the new responsibilities the center gained when changing its name and focus such as mobile app development. This team will also work closely with the Technology Education & Training team to develop interactive training modules using a Learning Management System (LMS), develop web-based, server-based, and client-based software applications to meet the specific needs of the Extension Service and the clientele it serves, and maintain all departmentally developed web-based and commercial applications such as Oracle databases, email systems, and calendaring.