The Distance Education group is focused on the MSU Extension Service’s vision of empowering people through education. This vision is what drives the Distance Education group to continuously explore ways where clients have fast and convenient access to educational instruction and programing. Because of the different requirements of clients, the Distance Education group provides a variety of services to fit that need. The different services are listed below.

Adobe Connect – Webinar Service
Adobe Connect is a web conferencing program that can be used for eLearning, webinars or online meetings. Using Adobe Connect will enable interactions and ultimate collaboration to ensure work gets done efficiently and quickly. With Adobe Connect, users can share computer screens, utilize whiteboard capabilities, post polls, take advantage of the chat option, record meetings and much more. Adobe Connect only requires a computer, high speed internet, and Adobe Flash (a program already installed on most computers). A webcam and microphone are not necessary, but could be beneficial depending on the type of meeting. Adobe Connect is NOT compatible with the Interactive Video Conferencing system. For more information, call Bekah Sparks at 662-325-8581 or email

Interactive Video Conferencing
All 82 counties in Mississippi have at least one video conferencing unit, while some counties have multiple units. As of June 2013, there are 148 video conferencing sites in Mississippi, all supported through the Mississippi State University Extension Service.  Through interactive video conferencing, users can attend presentations, proposals, planning meetings, trainings, dissertations, or classes. There are several options for video conferencing that will fit most needs: classroom settings, portable video conferencing units, and a satellite unit to create a learning environment from almost any location For more information, call Steve Hankins at 662-325-0671 or email

Scopia Desktop
Scopia Desktop is a web browser plug-in that allows users to connect to a video conference from any location with a high-speed Internet connection. A computer, webcam, and microphone are the only things needed. Users can also use the free Scopia Desktop App to connect to a video conference from any smart phone or tablet. With Scopia Desktop, a computer, smart phone or tablet can connect to any MSU Extension Service video conference unit.  For more information, call Steve Hankins at 662-325-0671 or email