The Canopy Webinar Series

The Canopy: Green Infrastructure Practices for Smaller Communities

This webinar will discuss urban forestry and Green Infrastructure (GI) principles, projects, and best management practices that are feasible in small and urban interface communities. Smaller communities, particularly those in urban interface areas, face different challenges than larger urban communities in applying landscape-level community forestry and GI practices. The webinar will highlight some current projects looking at the barriers to GI planning in these smaller and more rural communities.

The Canopy: High Impact Design Decisions for Urban Tree Health

In this webinar, James Urban ( will discuss how urban planning decisions impact long term health of urban trees. Urban will address the biological and arboricultural basis for understanding spacing between trees, canopy gap openings, and water harvesting into soil below paving. These aesthetic design issues affect trees and the sustainability of urban development projects and landscapes. He will share critical lessons and solutions learned throughout his career working with urban trees.

The Canopy: Preventing & Managing Herbicide Flashback in Trees

In this webinar, our guest is Dr. Stephen Enloe of the University of Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants and IFAS Extension. Dr. Enloe researches variation in invasive plant treatment efficacy. During this webinar, Dr. Enloe will address herbicide flashback, or the passive loss of herbicides through tree roots after treatment and uptake by adjacent vegetation. In addition to injuring nearby trees, flashback is an inefficient and costly use of herbicide. Dr.

The Canopy: Managing Termites in Trees

In this webinar, Ed Freytag will discuss detection and treatment of trees infested with native subterranean termites and Formosan subterranean termites. Mr. Freytag will discuss his experiences and knowledge treating public and private trees, and assessing the ability of trees to outlive the wood-hungry termite. He will recount the termite infestation in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and address termite identification, recent research, and chemical and biological controls.

The Canopy: Valuing and Managing Veteran Trees

In the third session of The Canopy webinar series, consulting arborist Guy Meilleur will discuss how decay in older trees can be managed by inspection, treatment and monitoring by following the German ZTV, TRAQ, and the ANSI A300 tree inspection standards. Meilleur will also address techniques for advancing compartmentalization and documenting strength gain over time as trees adapt to their environment and management adapts to the trees.

Meilleur has 50 years in the arboriculture industry and has practiced and lectured in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The Canopy: Identification and Diagnosis

In the second session of The Canopy webinar series, the director of the Mississippi State University plant diagnostics laboratory, Clarissa Balbalian, will discuss both common and not-so-common urban tree diseases and pathogens. As part of the discussion, Balbalian will address pests and their relationship to diseases and pathogens and also discuss the importance of production conditions and their impact on the plant's ability to resist and overcome pathogen related stress.

Webinar attendees can earn 1 CEU credit (Certified Arborist CEUID: PA-15-645).

The Canopy: Tree Selection In The Lower South

In this illustrated lecture, you will learn about some of the environmental differences in the lower South, and how to select plants that can best reflect regional character. Underutilzed tree and understory species will be discussed as well as the selection of hardy species types for sustainable landscapes.

Bob Brzuszek, ASLA, is an Extension Professor of Landscape Architecture at Mississippi State University, has written numerous publications on lower South trees and sustaibable landscapes, and serves on a local tree board.

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