Sample Instructional Strategies 2010 Mississippi Science Framework Grades 5, 8, and Biology I

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The Center for Educational and Training Technology at Mississippi State University in partnership with Mississippi teachers offers these sample instructional strategies to aid science teachers in 5th, 8th, and Biology I in planning their instructional strategies using the 2010 Mississippi Science Framework.

Created by current Mississippi science teachers based on their classroom experience and understanding of the content objectives, these strategies are designed to give science teachers ideas for addressing the framework objectives. They are not meant to supersede your textbook, pacing guides, or other resources nor to be the only strategy or strategies for teaching the objectives. The strategies are available for teachers to adapt or incorporate into units of instruction as needed.

Sample Instructional Strategies
Quick Lesson Planning Resources
2010 Science Competencies, Objectives, PLDs

Betty Latimer, Ph.D. Interim Director/ Project Director, Re-C Carter, ATOMS2xp Science Field Coordinator and Sonya Smith, ATOMS2xp Science Field Coordinator Contact information: Extension Center for Technology Outreach Bost 309, PO Box 9662, Mississippi State, MS 39762